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Torremolinos Spanyolország Cultural heritage

Torremolinos is a paradise on earth. It has a rich and mixed culture which is strengthened by the national traditions. Indeed, holiday in this Spanish city gives a lot of the wonderful discoveries. Customs and practices of local residents, interesting peculiarities of the religion and culture, historic monuments - all this like a magnet. People of the different nationalities, ages and budget are eager to have a meeting with this likable place. Moreover, many hotels in Torremolinos are always ready to offer the affordable prices.

A huge cultural heritage bears the four-star hotels of the city. There are many of them, conveniently standing in the different picturesque parts of the city. Amaragua, Royal Al-Andalus and Sol Don Marco hotels are good variants for a comfortable stay and opportunity to admire the brightest features of the cultural development. Bar and pool bar, laundry, disco, parking, swimming pool, restaurant and solarium represent the infrastructure of these hotels. There are various opportunities for sport activities and entertainment.

Amaragua hotel has a nice location, only beautiful promenade separates it from the sandy beaches of the resort. It is equipped to the highest standards of European service. Families and couples like to have a stay here. Royal Al-Andalus accommodation stands in the historic district, where the magnificent buildings of the past centuries are combined with the modern hotels and establishments. Sol Don Marco is a huge and comfortable complex, offering a stay of the highest category.

There is a comprehensive system of the services that takes into account the interests and age of the guests. The restaurants have an abundance of local and national dishes for all tastes. All apartments of such hotels in Torremolinos have the private bathroom, air conditioning, safe, television and telephone, balcony, special equipment for tea or coffee, daily room service and much more.

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